resp_content_type() returns the just the type and subtype of the from the Content-Type header. If Content-Type is not provided; it returns NA. Used by resp_body_json(), resp_body_html(), and resp_body_xml().

resp_encoding() returns the likely character encoding of text types, as parsed from the charset parameter of the Content-Type header. If that header is not found, not valid, or no charset parameter is found, returns UTF-8. Used by resp_body_string().





An HTTP response object, as created by req_perform().


A string. If no content type is specified resp_content_type() will return a character NA; if no encoding is specified, resp_encoding() will return "UTF-8".


resp <- response(header = "Content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8")
resp %>% resp_content_type()
#> [1] "text/html"
resp %>% resp_encoding()
#> [1] "utf-8"

# No Content-Type header
resp <- response()
resp %>% resp_content_type()
#> [1] NA
resp %>% resp_encoding()
#> [1] "UTF-8"