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These functions are intended for use with the next_req argument to req_perform_iterative(). Each implements iteration for a common pagination pattern:

  • iterate_with_offset() increments a query parameter, e.g. ?page=1, ?page=2, or ?offset=1, offset=21.

  • iterate_with_cursor() updates a query parameter with the value of a cursor found somewhere in the response.

  • iterate_with_link_url() follows the url found in the Link header. See resp_link_url() for more details.


  start = 1,
  offset = 1,
  resp_pages = NULL,
  resp_complete = NULL

iterate_with_cursor(param_name, resp_param_value)

iterate_with_link_url(rel = "next")



Name of query parameter.


Starting value.


Offset for each page. The default is set to 1 so you get (e.g.) ?page=1, ?page=2, ... If param_name refers to an element index (rather than a page index) you'll want to set this to a larger number so you get (e.g.) ?items=20, ?items=40, ...


A callback function that takes a response (resp) and returns the total number of pages, or NULL if unknown. It will only be called once.


A callback function that takes a response (resp) and returns TRUE if there are no further pages.


A callback function that takes a response (resp) and returns the next cursor value. Return NULL if there are no further pages.


The "link relation type" to use to retrieve the next page.


req <- request(example_url()) |>
  req_url_path("/iris") |>
  req_throttle(10) |>
  req_url_query(limit = 50)

# If you don't know the total number of pages in advance, you can
# provide a `resp_complete()` callback
is_complete <- function(resp) {
  length(resp_body_json(resp)$data) == 0
resps <- req_perform_iterative(
  next_req = iterate_with_offset("page_index", resp_complete = is_complete),
  max_reqs = Inf

if (FALSE) {
# Alternatively, if the response returns the total number of pages (or you
# can easily calculate it), you can use the `resp_pages()` callback which
# will generate a better progress bar.

resps <- req_perform_iterative(
  req |> req_url_query(limit = 1),
  next_req = iterate_with_offset(
    resp_pages = function(resp) resp_body_json(resp)$pages
  max_reqs = Inf