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The curl command line tool is commonly used to demonstrate HTTP APIs and can easily be generated from browser developer tools. curl_translate() saves you the pain of manually translating these calls by implementing a partial, but frequently used, subset of curl options. Use curl_help() to see the supported options, and curl_translate() to translate a curl invocation copy and pasted from elsewhere.

Inspired by curlconverter written by Bob Rudis.


curl_translate(cmd, simplify_headers = TRUE)




Call to curl. If omitted and the clipr package is installed, will be retrieved from the clipboard.


Remove typically unimportant headers included when copying a curl command from the browser. This includes:

  • sec-fetch-*

  • sec-ch-ua*

  • referer, pragma, connection


A string containing the translated httr2 code. If the input was copied from the clipboard, the translation will be copied back to the clipboard.


#> request("") |> 
#>   req_perform()
curl_translate("curl -X DELETE")
#> request("") |> 
#>   req_method("DELETE") |> 
#>   req_perform()
curl_translate("curl --header A:1 --header B:2")
#> request("") |> 
#>   req_headers(
#>     A = "1",
#>     B = "2",
#>   ) |> 
#>   req_perform()
curl_translate("curl --verbose")
#> request("") |> 
#>   req_perform(verbosity = 1)